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As much as I would like to convince you that my life is spent doing endless Pinterest baking projects, with my perfect kids, in my perfectly clean house, in between sweatless workouts decked out in the latest fitness trends – but I am simply not that mom.  Like most of us, I am rushing from activity to activity, messy bun and yoga pants, relying on Jesus and coffee to make me presentable to the world. And, truth be told, I eat candy…actually a lot of candy… every day. So if nothing else I’m here to convince you that it’s not about being perfect.  It’s not about never missing a workout or drinking another glass of wine. It is certainly not about never having another piece of chocolate, God forbid. It’s about balance, consistency, and confidence by finding strength within yourself to handle it all.


I have been a young mom, a stay-at-home mom, a single mom, a full-time working mom, a mom-boss and nearly every other motherhood example you can think of. I know the struggles we all face in our hectic, Barnum and Bailey’s style days, to find just one ounce of time for ourselves.  I also know the guilt of investing time, money or any resources on yourself and not your family. But let me tell you mama -- you are worth it.  A healthy, strong, confident YOU is the YOU your family needs.  It is my mission to help you find that.  


So often women wrap their entire self worth around the number they see on the scale.  All nutritional or exercise efforts are aimed at watching that number change. While I am definitely invested in helping clients lose weight, my aim is to make you so proud of what your body can do that the number on the scale is a much less significant way to measure your progress.     


Just as important as what you eat or the exercises you do are the motivation you have and the mindset you bring to each workout.  Through my training programs I provide you with support in all of these areas as well as accountability to ensure your goals are met.  All of my clients know that I take on their goals just like they are my own, and I do not fail at achieving my goals. 


Please accept my invitation to become one of my clients and let’s start attacking “our” goals together!





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