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Bill L.

Katie is a wonderful trainer, coach and motivator.  She is very in-depth in her understanding of the inner workings of a training session.  Tailoring her workouts to the age, gender and physical abilities of the participants.  This is my male perspective!!

Katie P.

Training with Katie has quite literally changed my life for the better in every way!  She's the perfect combination of encouraging cheerleader and challenging coach.  Since working with Katie for the past year I'm stronger, more confident, happier and setting a better example of a healthy life for my young daughter. 

Laurin M.

Katie is awesome. Katie taught me the most important thing is to feel comfortable in my own skin and learning to find balance in my life. Success doesn’t always show up on the scale but as small victories and meeting personal goals.  

Debbie G.

Motivational, knowledgeable and passionate are just a few words that I can think of that describe Katie Allen as a personal trainer.  I started working out with her over 3 years ago and she was instrumental in my losing over 50 lbs.  Not only did I lose the weight, but I gained confidence as well.  Katie helped me increase my endurance as well as build my strength.  She did not just instruct me what to do but rather taught me how to do the exercises as well as understand what the exercise were working.  She always provides modifications if I had an injury.  The best thing is she never let me quit and pushed me to do what I was able to do even if I doubted myself.  I am now working out on my own, but I know she is always available if I have a question.  Highly recommend Katie Allen!

Shawn S.

Katie is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable trainer.  The varied workouts she puts together are challenging, but also take into account where I am 'right now' in my fitness level. She is so motivating, and she inspires me to try heavier weight as I progress. She also watches me like a hawk to make sure my knees don't go in as I squat so I don't hurt myself!

Chelsey L.

Training with Katie was exactly what I needed to get my confidence back after having a baby. She really helped me to stay focused and pushed me to work for my best every session. I also enjoyed how the workouts were never mundane, she constantly switched it up to keep it fun and achieve results.

Jamie P.

Katie was so much fun to work with. She is so positive and encouraging and helped me accomplish my first unassisted pull-up! 

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